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TSplus latest Release Notes

TSplus 9.70 release announcement:

  • The new Farm Manager feature is Terminal Service Plus centralized farm administration user interface. It allows you to automatically apply settings for all your servers in just one click!
  • Regarding web file transfers, the Web Portal Preferences tile now offers the possibility for the administrator to set 2 different folders on the server. On one hand, the Upload folder to indicate from which Folder the user will select the files to upload. On the other hand, the Download folder, to tell where, on the server, the downloaded files will be stored:
  • Also, If the administrator wants to totally prohibit the file transfer he can now, using the setting.js file.
  • A new Security option has been implemented on the Advanced Security options tile: the administrator can now decide that using the Web Portal with HTML5 is mandatory by denying the use of a generated client or a remote desktop protocol:

  • The look-and-feel of the Floating Panel has been enhanced to display your icons in a clearer and nice-looking way.
  • HTML5 enhancement: It now includes a better resize capability and a better gesture handler on tablets.
  • Administrators can now customize the web portal with their own code with the custom.css and custom.js files that were added to the Clients webfolder.
  • Software editors can now read a registry value to know what device and what browser have been used to open an HTML5 session, with the Registry Editor under the path: HKCU/Software/Webdata
  • All 9.60 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.

TSplus 9.60 release announcement

  • The Floating Panel is re-designed to offer you new amazing display options: Your preferred color for the background and for the text, with or without slider, with or without your logo, with or without the minimize/close buttons, display only icons...and also your suggested Logoff icon!
  • The 9.60 release is including the latest development of the HTML5 client. It includes far better settings to handle many concurrent sessions and the resize feature has been improved.
  • Security is important for us. The administrator can now assign working hours "per user" to be sure that no one will hack a user's logon over-night.
  • Time zone redirection is now supported: Wherever your server is hosted, your Remote Session will re-direct your local PC's time. This enhancement is important for our clients located in large countries such as USA, Brazil, China, Russia, and also for all Cloud Computing hosted server.
  • The 9.60 is introducing the Farm Manager new feature: This feature will be great for large deployment projects and will be fully implemented later.
  • All 9.50 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes.

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