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遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案

TSplus 11.60 版本公告:

  • This version is optimized for Windows 2016 and Windows 10 latest releases.

    Microsoft never sleeps and rolled out its new major Update (version 1809) this week.
    TSplus 11.60 fully benefits from these new Window enhancements and has included the proper feature to outperform in W10 / 2016 environments. The new TSplus Alternate Shell enable can be selected to replace the Windows Shell and this simple enhancement avoid to use too many server resources.
    The RemoteApp support has also been greatly improved to deliver a great users experience.

Great new enhancements were made to RDS-Knight, the included cyber security add-on, available in a free trial version.
The new 3.0 release is officially available and includes great new features:

  • Anti-Ransomware Protection: this game-changing feature is exclusively included free of charge in the latest version of RDS-Knight ULTIMATE Protection.
    RDS-Knight provides a powerful cyber weapon that efficiently DETECTS, BLOCKS and PREVENTS ransomware attacks.
    RDS-Knight reacts as soon as it detects ransomware on your session. It quickly scans your disk(s) and displays the file(s) or program(s) responsible, in addition to providing a list of the infected items.
    RDS-Knight automatically stops the attack, and quarantines the program(s) along with the file(s) encrypted before its intervention. Only the administrator can whitelist them.
    RDS-Knight prevents catastrophic events for businesses by removing ransomware at an early stage. The administrator has access to information regarding the source of the attack and running processes, and therefore learns how to anticipate these threats.

In addition, RDS-Knight takes into account the most common crypto methods as well as foreseeable changes for an optimal protection. RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware action allows quick response, limited damage, increased awareness and time savings with respect to data recovery.

  • Brute-Force and Homeland Protection were extended to VNC: with RDS-Knight 3.0, the well known VNC security holes are closed. You can also enjoy a high level of protection against VNC hackers and other countries and/or brute force attacks.
  • Homeland protection before a session-opening: RDS-Knight 3.0 detects and blocks blacklisted countries' IPs trying to connect even before the session opens.

Download the latest Update Releases

TSplus 11.50 版本公告:

  • Automatic Updates: When the administrator checks for a TSplus update on the AdminTool, it now automatically downloads and applies it when requested.

  • Local Devices:. On the Local Resources tab of the Client Generator, all local devices are now pre-selected by default to ease the COM ports or printer’s redirection.
  • The Session Management and Local Group Policies (GPO) code has been rewritten and simplified in order to ease the Administrator’s task.
  • The latest HTML5 code has been included.
  • The latest RDS-Knight version which offers 5 strong Security features is available on the Security tab of the AdminTool as a trial.

TSplus 11.40 版本公告:

This is a major release which brings powerful security additions and enhancements:

  • The Client Generator has been redesigned to be numerically signed and to avoid false/positive antiviruses reactions. Instead of a ".exe" program, the new Client Generator is creating a flat encrypted file with the extension ".connect":

    As a pre-requisite on client side, a signed program named "Setup-ConnectionClient.exe” has to be installed. This program is available on this path in the TSplus program folder: TSplus\Clients\WindowsClient or by downloading it. It will locally open the required TSplus client. Then, the user will just have to double click on the ".connect" file to start his session.
  • TSplus strong security Add-On RDS-Knight is now included in TSplus as a trial version. When installing TSplus 11.40 program or Update Release, you will have the choice to install it or not:

    It will create an icon on your Desktop, which allows you to launch it. TSplus Security tab also includes a tile to start RDS-Knight:
  • Brute-force Attacks on the Web Portal are now blocked when users enter wrong credentials. After 10 failed attempts during a period of 10 minutes, the Web Portal will prohibit the logon for 20 minutes (default settings).
  • More security enhancements were made: Security audits were taken, and components updates were made to even more improve users safety.
Display enhancements were also made:
  • Application publishing: The administrator can now move up or down declared applications for a better presentation on the Floating Panel.
  • The TSplus Taskbar’s customization tile has been enhanced to enable the change of minimized buttons position on the taskbar (on top of the screen, on the bottom, on the right, the left side, or in the center).
  • The Folder.exe design has been improved.

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