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The best version of TSplus yet: New Look - Improved Security - New Features

The most comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to Web-enable any Windows Application!
TSplus 12.60 Version is a powerful new release with a wide range of new features.
Setting the new standard for performance.

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!!NEW!!! TSPLUS ADVANCED SECURITY (Security Companion)

Add extra layers of security to your TSplus Edition with the amazing TSplus Advanced Security.
This advanced technology offers 7 protections for your TSplus server:

  • Homeland Protection: Prevents foreign attackers from opening remote sessions.
  • Brute-Force Defender: Blacklist suspicious or troublesome IP addresses and limit failed login attempts.
  • Permissions: Easily inspect and manage Users and Groups Permissions on folders and files.
  • Working Hours Restriction: Control the days and times that users can access the remote servers.
  • One Click to Secure Desktop: Simple remote access group policy control.
  • End-Point Device Protection: Restrict access by device name.
  • Ransomware Protection: Ransomware is quickly becoming one of the most common forms of cyber-threats.
    TSplus Advanced Security Ransomware Protection stops Ransomware in its tracks.

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Remote Desktop Access

Remote Desktop Access

TSplus enables any of your Windows from XP to Windows 10 Pro and Server 2003 to 2019 to act as a Citrix or a Terminal Server. TSplus supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections, printer mapping, disk mapping, port com mapping, bi-directional sound, remoteFX, dual screen. Any RDP compatible client can be used to connect on a TSplus System.

Application Publishing

Web-enable any application

Publish applications for a selection of users and/or groups and they will have access only to their applications through TSplus Remote Taskbar and TSplus Floating Panel (no Windows "Start" menu, no Windows desktop).

Connect from any device

Connect from any device

TSplus built-in HTML5 client provides a browser access to Windows applications and user desktops from all types of end-user devices, without having to install anything on the device (no plugin or app required). TSplus HTML5 connections look, work and perform like a native RDP connection; with a fast file transfer and even with sound and clipboard support.


Web applications portal

Publish applications through the web and your users will be able to access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon on the TSplus Web Portal.

Universal Printer

Universal Printer

TSplus Universal Printer enables you to print from any location, without having to install any specific printer driver.



Using TSplus Gateway and Load Balancing, you can provide secure remote access to all your users. As your business grows, our server farm model allows TSplus to grow with you.

Four TSplus Editions to meet your needs


Instantly delivers an multi-user access system on Windows XP to 2019 Servers (32 or 64 bits). TSplus provides Multiple Sessions, Load Balancing, Universal Printer, Seamless Remote Application, Application Control, security, support of 32 bit color, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB device, a much more attractive user Remote Desktop.


Absolutely no need for installing any printer drivers on your server when you have TSplus Universal Printer installed. TSplus Universal Printer comes with his own virtual printer driver which will receive the print job, compress it and send it to your local workstation.

Mobile Web

Enjoy the easiest remote access from any place and any device where you have an Internet connection and a standard browser. Simple to use, TSplus Mobile Web Edition is a great option.


Provides the full range of TSplus technologies, as well as a Gateway Portal to access multiple TSplus systems and a unique load-balancing system for any incoming Web Access on the Gateway Portal.

TSplus On-line demo

See TSplus in action right now!

Our TSplus demo server is in the Cloud and we have prepared several examples of TSplus amazing capabilities over Internet.
Including Web Portal and Universal Printer options, it will immediately show you the expansive and powerful possibilities of TSplus.

Access our TSplus on-line demo page