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TSplus latest Release Notes

TSplus 12.60 release announcement:

  • Compatibility and Session enhancements: TSplus is now compatible with Windows 10 20H1 and Workstation Printers Redirection is now granted with latest Windows versions.
  • Changelog: You can now to directly access and consult TSplus Changelog from the AdminTool Dashboard.

  • Applications Publishing Display: It is now possible to display or hide the logoff button on the TSplus Floating/Application Panel, Folder Panel and TaskBar.

  • TSplus 12.60 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions, and is getting ready for LTS 12 (Long Term Support version).

TSplus 12.50 release announcement:

  • A new "Send to Client" contextual menu (right-click menu) can be enabled in AdminTool > Advanced > Contextual Menu to easily send files to Client Workstation:

  • The contextual menu is available by right-clicking on the desired file or folder, selecting the TSplus tab and by clicking on "Download":

  • The setting "Allow access from Microsoft RDP Client for Admins only" was added in Session > Permissions

  • Printer: Page orientation settings were added for the Universal Printer, you can now choose between Portrait or Landscape:

  • Add-Ons are now automatically updated when TSplus is.
  • TSplus 12.50 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions.

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